Easter Dinner Wine Suggestions From Dave Clark
    Lamb (Traditionally Seasoned)
    • North Star Merlot - This is one of the most well rounded, robust merlots I've ever tasted. The perfect dryness of this wine balances well with your lamb dinner.
    • Veramonte Pinot Noir - A very traditional French style Pinot Noir that has a smooth lingering mouth feel. This too is a great choice for your lamb dinner.
    Ham (Sweet Pineapple Glazed)
    • Columbia Winery Cellarmaster Riesling - This sweet white, has grandiose golden delicious apple flavors that are a perfect compliment to the pineapple glaze.
    Ham (Honey Glazed)
    • Columbia Winery Gewurztraminer - This sweet white has a subtle tartness like granny smith apples which compliments and accents the honey glaze.
    Seafood (With Light Sauces)
    • Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc - This elegantly balanced wine, has great stamina with a convincing citrus accent that will bring out all the flavors of your seafood dish.